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04:42am 06/04/2004
  im Michael and im from Haw River...its in Alamance county.  

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goddamnit...this is it.   
12:52pm 07/01/2004
mood: pissed off
Jenns brother told me that shes fucking some other guy. so pretty much FUCK HER. im pakcing up all her shit and dropping it at her moms either today or tomarrow. and as for the rats...well im not quite sure what im gonna do with them yet...ill prolly make her come get them. i am so fucking upset right now...i never want to see her face...she is a fucking lying ass(i would say whore but...im not that mad YET). god fucking damnit...how could someone hurt ME like this...i loved her more than anything in the entire world more than my own life. i would do anything for her...anything. the bad part is...after we broke up she fucked some guy...just a random guy she met and she called me and was crying saying that she was sorry and she didnt want me to think of her as a whore....well...what makes this all the more shitty...I STILL LOVE HER. and she would do this...god i hate living...maybe things would be better if i never met her..i never thought i would say that and mean it...im at the end of my rope.

Jennifer,...i hope your new guy is better than everything i ever was or could have been, i hope he fucking....rocks you world in bed, or ...or comes to visit you when you were just in a bad car wreck or maybe he will be trustworhty enough for you to sing to him and he give you an honest opinion. Will he tell you your beautiful and that he loves you more than anything in the world just out of the clear blue...just to remind you????!!!! WAKE UP JENNIFER....

next year i will graduate in december...you told me that when i graduated we could try again....i know all that shit i just said and this is a complete comflict but...i said that shit because im so upset and i needed to release. but i hope your doing well and are happy.

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02:58am 06/01/2004
mood: crushed
so ive been worried about jennifer because i have not heard from her in weeks and ive written emails and posted comments on her journal but all with not answer. tonight i get on and i have an email...from her. it says "i have been staying with nicole AND PATRICK" patrick is this "friend" she met and he supposedly likes her...so i dont know how far that has gone but...thats driving me insane...i am miserable without her and even more so because she's staying with some guy at his house!...god i hope she doesnt like him(if you know what i mean) ::no offense Jenn but it could happen and i really dont want it too, im not saying anything about you::

well...off to gloat and try to sleep...

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10:47pm 02/01/2004
mood: sad
tonight at work i felt as though i may barf. all night...because i cant eat.i sleep alright but i wake up frequently and stir around my room looking for things that i cant find...most recent thing i cant find: a NIN sticker that i had been saving to put on my car...it just dissapeared(sp). oh yea, i got a car. its blue. and faded. but i like it.it has flame-y dice on the mirror :)... i also fixed my computer...piece of shit, all i needed was a computer so i can whine and piss and bitch and moan about my troubles on livejournal...sigh.

so. latley ive been thinking about plans. Me and Jennifer had plans...but i see those as...well, faery tales...dreams of two lovesick people who deep down really knew they would never work out...(not in my case) but anywho, i think i might still go to college(granted i live long enough)and then maybe i will someday instead of having children with Jenn, i'll pay some dumb bitch to be artificially inseminated and then i'll raise the poor fucker by my lonesome. i might still move to Raleigh(that was me an Jenn's dream)then again, i might move to...fuck i lost my trail of thought...oh well. moving on.

i burned my tongue tonight at work on some hot-ass soup. i knew it was hot. but i just haaad to have some right then...so that kinda hurt. Jennifer's rats are fun. they are big and they like me. we used to say that they were our babies but that was before. now they are just rats that i keep for Jennifer because i know she cant have them at UNCG and she knows i'll take good care of them.

i think im pretty much done for now.
happy trails...

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09:45pm 01/01/2004
mood: lethargic
so then im going around just looking because im bored and hell...and i find this...

yeah. i was hoping that would be the effect. long time no see. how is everything? are you and michael still going strong? reply back.
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2003-09-16 16:57 (link)
i really think that was like the funniest thing ever. im still laughing. haha. anywhoot...im doing pretty good. me and michael are stronger than ever :) woooot. love's great. what about you?

and i die a little more each time...god someone kill me...

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09:01pm 01/01/2004
mood: depressed
So, i lived to see 2004. What a great feeling (or not). New Years and these past bullshit "holidays" has had to of ben the worst times of my life. i am so fucking bored and alone all the time...people say "go out and find a girl to pal around with.." but they dont understand what is going on inside me. But yea...i went to this party for New Years with my brothers and their girlfriends...it was at my cousin's house and they had their wives. i had nothing. "3! 2! 1! Happy New Year!!!" and to sit there and see everyone ring in 2004 by kissing the ones they loved, well i believe that gave me the final shove into complete self loathing. all i could think about was how Jennifer was probably drunk and although HIGHLY-DOUBTFUL, but maybe kissing some dude to ring in '04. Then i make up a story. "Jennifer is sitting at a little party with friends and everyone is drinking and all that shit and she is sitting in a corner just as i am. thinking about how bad she misses me and how much she loved me" thats what i started telling my self. pathetic.

so now i see she removed just about everything "me-oriented" from her intrests list on here(i know its not much but..) and she happened to leave "sex" on there...now i know i shouldnt be worried about this because its none of my business...but she once told me that i would be her LAST...granted that is already been made out as a lie, i cant stand the thought of some other guy inside her...Why? because i am still in love her her...Even the simple thought makes my skin crawl and my stomach curl. These matters are very private and i probably shouldnt express them on this thing, but who really cares?...i dont, i care about very few things is nothing at all. i still have dreams about her, i still think about her alot, and i still think she will come back...godfuckingdamnit i need some kind of release...she has told me recently that no one will ever care for her like i did...and i think about why she would want to hang out with a bunch of guys and flirt and shit like that...why would someone waste their time getting used and going through the hassle of meeting people if they knew they had the best person in the world right there...????? maybe its sexual curiosity. or if not sexual...then just..fuck, i dont know. i feel like sometimes if she were to call me i would nothing to say to her at all but to fuck off for the way things have happened, but then again her voice...know what...fuck this

call me a psycho.
they say "if the shoe fits..."

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an eventful evening...   
12:21pm 17/12/2003
mood: melancholy
This week has been hella shitty. yesterday i noticed that i had ran out of my meds...things is i had been out for like two days. So yesterday i started feeling the horrid symptoms of withdrawl...man i felt like shit.... but i got them refilled and now im all better...sigh.

Jennifer her brother and i are supposed to be going to see The Return of The King tonight. s'gowna be awesome. this will be an experience for me and Jennifer because we're going as FRIENDS. weird for us but necessary for our plans. Im getting better everyday and each day im seeing the bright side of this schism. damn...i must be a really good guy. wating for her AND understanding what she needs to have me back again...ah understanding. *smile*


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life sucks...   
11:18am 15/12/2003
mood: apathetic
the other day i gave Jennifer her x-mas gifts. she really liked them i think...we talked about stuff for a while. it felt good. the highlight would definatly when everything got all quiet and awkward(sp) and somehow we got real close, then i asked her if i could kiss her.....wow. i miss that more than anything....soft. but im not going to rant and go on about that (as much as i want to) because it will make her feel bad.

she called me at like 12:00 am the other night and we talked...she made me feel really good. i wish things could be easy, i wish things could solved so quikly. so when i graduate high school next year, we are going to try it again. she wants me to be up there with her and so do i (badly). i have feelings that it could work out with her there and me here but then again, we would be so far away from each other and we hated that when we were dating. And i want her to focus hard on school and having to worry and miss me way down here would just get in the way of that. damn...i sound obsessed or something. this is just really the only thing that i have to talk about.

Jennifer her brother and i ar supposed to go see the return of the king wednesday. its going to be awesome.

sigh...life sucks ass...

well...talk to you sometime Jenn...


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10:40am 05/12/2003
mood: lethargic
The other day Jennifer decided to give me my x-mas gift early. Its really awesome. I have wanted it for a LONG time. I saw it a a local music store a while back but i didnt have the cash to buy it then (then i was planning on buying it for Jennifer). Its the movie "Kurt & Courtney". A documentary about the conspiracy surrounding Kurt's "suicide" Its REALLY cool. i just wanted to mention this on here because i thought it was nice...

I get paid today! I need to go get Me and Jenn's babies (her/our rats) some food. I need to go get the rest of Jennifer's x-mas gift. I feel bad for making her wait until x-mas because she gave me mine early and she begged me for it last time i saw her....but, i guess ill give it to her when she comes down next, theres nothing really special about x-mas anyway. "christ's birthday"....heh.

My older brother is leaving for the Marines this weekend. he's gonna be gone for three months(bootcamp) then he comes back for ten days, then goes back for schooling and then he is deployed. ill miss him i guess. we have had some pretty fun times. More so when we were younger (i was about 13 ad he was15 or 16). theses times were back when girls were not very important. Dont get me wrong im very glad (a)girl became important but...sometimes they are difficult. *sigh*

well, bells about to ring.
*blows (friendly) kiss to Jennifer*

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Hanging on by a threD   
11:17am 03/12/2003
mood: anxious
Today is the third. Today would be our 19 month anniversary. I have been having pretty rough time here in the recent weeks. But i am trying hard to hold out and wait for Jennifer to come around. I have been writing alot lately. not so much poetry and not so much stories...but just like...my thoughts. they're good but depressing. a friend of mine has suffered some kind of heartbreak as well and he wrote about it:

what does love mean anyway
it is a feeling that only you can tell.
or is it the answer of all problems
the word love has been steppen on over and over again
whenever you find love hold it close
and cherish it
because when one has lost love they feel like they lost it all.

people say time heals all wounds but not always so let love be free
because one day it can just go
love is what brings peace but also death
love is hard to understand because it is a mystery but the only mystery
is when do you know you're in love...

my friend Jason Doby wrote that and it kinda hit home..

in other news...i had more surgery on my toe yesterday...ow...it hurts so fucking bad... i cant stand it. grr.
i ve like 2 major projects due in the next week or so...and i need to work on them but ...im apathetic, as well as lethargic.

i heard this song last night "fat bottom girls" by Queen. i have heard it before but i was thinking about some things that i no longer have... and this song came on...the main chorus was "fat bottom girls you make the rockin' world go round"
and....damn. i wasnt going to say this on here but i miss my fat bottom girl...hehe. i try not to think about those memories but they were great too...ooooookay well thats enough eh?...

be happy....or die trying...

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11:12am 18/11/2003
mood: nostalgic
ok...i am going to take control of my "self-goodness" if that is a word. it has come to my attention that i should consider becoming more...i should think things through more. I need to up my common sense. they always say that the first step to conquering it is to admit it...ha. well when i get confused in front of Jennifer, i panic and feel really stupid. so i try to make myself sound "smart" or try to talk my way out of whatever it is that i am confused about.

to improve, i am going to slow down...take my time thinking about things and definately think before i speak. wish me luck...

in other news i find myself feeling mildly depressed in recent days. lots of thinking.a whole lot of thinking. maybe too much thinking?...hmph.

i get paid firday! its my first paycheck and i think it should be about 90 to $115. not bad for 3 days a week, 5 to 8:00 each day.

well...back to graphics...

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feelin blue...   
11:17am 07/11/2003
mood: melancholy
i started work yesterday. i now work at a japanese steakhouse in B-Town. The job is really fucking easy. i cant wait to go back tonight. i work 5 to 8 during the week and im not sure what hours ill have on the weekend. i get 6 bucks an hour and all i really do is take orders and bag orders and fill little things of sauce up. cake.

i really fucking wish that me and Jenn would have never had to split. now i think that what we had is lost. i just dont feel like she feels the same anymore...even more scary, i dont know if i feel the same anymore. i still love her with ever inch of my heart and soul. but sometimes when say things or speak my mind about something that upsets me and it makes her mad enough to hang up on me...sometimes i just dont care. i guess im proud of me speaking my mind or maybe its just i dont feel like begging anymore. if things could have just stayed dandy and great like they were 3 months ago then i never would have had to beg for her back and then get her then lose her again only to get her back one more time and then lose her the very next morning. sho wouldnt have had to put up with my begging and my jealousy of her college guy friends. i feel like i cant even ask her a question with out her thinking im being nosy or prying into her business.

i dont know..i feel sick now. ever night, well like every other night (2-3 times out of the week) i lay in my bed before i go to sleep and wish that i could wake up and all this would be a bad dream. but...i wont and its not so all i can do is suck it up and bite my tongue and do this for her...she needs space and i respect her so...space it is...

oh and Jennifer, i just want to tell you that i love you. i wish you well in school, and i wish you good luck with all your friends. if you ever need me i am here...down here in Haw River...waitin and preparing to be yours again. and im not trying to bring any kind of guilt or anything on you b/c chances are you wont even see this and i wouldnt want to do that to you. well, ill talk to you sometime before work today, i hope.


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weekend wrap up...O_o   
12:11pm 03/11/2003
mood: okay
this weekend sucked tree-mendously until about 3 or 4 saturday afternoon. Friday night there wasnt anything to do anywhere...so i went to bed around ten thirty or eleven. but Saturday...Jennifer pops in and then we went to the mall. i bought a new eyebrow ring (little blue spikes) that Jennifer picked out and then we went to Sal's ( a nice Italian restaurant) to eat. it was VERY good...and it was better b/c i payed...after that we were going to go see the movie Radio, but we didnt feel like waiting until 8:50 (it was only like 7:45 or 8:00). so instead we rented The Animatrix and Narc.

The Animatrix was interesting and did explain somethings for us but then it started getting really out there. there were nine short movies that were supposed to explain things from The Matrix and Reloaded. over all i think it was pretty good.

then we watched Narc. it was slow getting started but when it picked up it was actually pretty good. the story is really elaborate and detailed and i dont have time to explain all of it so...see if you have some extra cash and time that needs to be killed. otherwise...dont make it a planned event.

after that me and Jennifer went to bed.. she spent the night and we layed in my bed talking about things for a long time. the things she was telling me really made me feel good, but at the same time they made me miss her that much more. she is like...all in all my soulmate and most definatly my dream girl...

i guess i can wait a year and a half for her, it wont be easy but who ever said love was easy...i am pretty sure that she will wait for me too. i at least hope so, because college is full of temptation and UNCG has the most potential for people like her(who are interested in the same stuff) to meet up...

Jennifer, i had a great weekend and i just wanted to tell you that and to also tell you that i love you...today would have been our 18 month anniversary...i know we shouldnt think about it but...it kinda just popped into my head. Happy "would be" anniversary Jennifer. i love you VERY VERY much ....i miss you too sweets ^.^


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11:20am 28/10/2003
mood: depressed
goddamn...i feel so shitty its not even amusing anymore. i have thrown up twice today and have a feeling i will a few more times as well. all i can really say is i have so many different feelings and expressions and things i need to say inside of me that i am going nowhere but down. i feel myself getting closer to depression just a bout every other day. today however is a milestone in my life as far as emotions go. a test on my capability to love has been cast. sometimes i forget about everything and im fine...but when i think about it again i get this feeling all over...like a severe tingling and numbness in my teeth...??

i am so fucking confused that i dont know what the hell i should do...

i know what i want and need.
i dont know if i can erase a permanent mark.
i know i want to.
i dont know how.

im sorry Jenn
i do love you

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cray similar...s'kinda freaky   
10:43am 24/10/2003
mood: crappy
Thats What I Get - Nine INch Nails

just when everything was making sense
you took away all my self-confidence
now all that i've been hearing must be true
i guess i'm not the only boy for you

but that's what i get
that's what i get
that's what i get
that's what i get

how can you turn me into this?
after you just taught me how to kiss you
i told you i'd never say goodbye
now i'm slipping on the tears you made me cry

but that's what i get
that's what i get
that's what i get
that's what i get

why's it come as a surprise
to think that i was so naive
maybe didn't mean that much
but it meant everything to me

that's what i get

this isnt directed to anyone in a negative sense i just thought it was too similar not to post.

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10:15am 24/10/2003
mood: determined
okay...I miss Jennifer so fucking much. But the reality of the fact that we are not together is still here. fuck reality. i made my self feel like shit yesterday. i got so upset about Jennifer's new guy friend corey so i started thinking all the bad/stupid thoughts that i shouldnt have...i aksed here "you think you will sleep with him?" ... in the back of my head lurked the real desire for this answer, but I knew that this would come out wrong, as it did. It sounded like i was calling her a whore. and by no means was i. i love that girl to death, i would never do that. here i am trying to get jennifer back and i ask this...STUPID! i left a message on her machine pretty much begging for her to come back to me...I swore that we could make it work. i just think that it would be really awesome if we were back together.

i dont think that she wants to talk to me anymore. we were supposed to go trick or treating and to the zoo this week but i dont know if that is still a go. I know im ruining us even more by being outwardly jealous of corey. i mean, my stomach started hurting the second she told me that her and corey wen to luch...and then again when she went to play magic with them. i tried to get her to play magic with me but...no dice. I CAN NOT get over her....i mean right now she could tell me to fuck off and that she never wanted to see me ever again in her entire life and she hopes that i die, and i would still love her. am i pathetic?...

am i supposed to just get over her like that? is it wrong for me to beg for her back? i could give her the proper space and i know we could make it work out...i know this... what we had was amazing and i remember about a week before she broke up me for real she called me and when we went to get off the phone...she started crying , i asked why and she said that she just loved me so much that it made her cry...i kinda felt bad because i wanted to just scoop her up and squeeze her and smooch all over her and just love her up....but i couldnt.

sounds bad but i wish i could meet corey. b/c if he really is nice and if he does like her and really wants to get to know her and try to establish a loving realationship then that would be cool. I JUST WANT HER TO BE HAPPY.
but i think that i could make her happy if i could just show her.but....

then again, maybe our time IS up. maybe college DID get to us. maybe all those things that we always swore against and promised each other WOULD not happen, really did. i wont lie that i need Jennifer back and that i will do anything...to get her back. SHE IS NOT A BAD PERSON. she really isnt, and im not trying to make it out like she is.

Jennifer, if you read this ( i dont expect you too) please...we need to talk. we can make this work. I want so bad for you to do well in college and before our break you were. i was helping you and you got things done, i was very understanding when you needed to go study or get to bed early...you keep telling me that you dont want other people, but i cant believe that. its too easy. Please, lets try to make sometime to talk this weekend. i know you love me. i know you do. lets prove it all wrong and make it work. lets make everything that is working against us fail. please. Jennifer i love you more than anything in the world. just please consider me.consider us.


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10:09am 22/10/2003
mood: nauseated
last night was awesome...Jennifer called me after i got home and asked me back out...i was so fucking happy...i mean, all that i had been telling myself had been right, and thats not common. I wish i had a computer at home b/c i dont have anyone to talk to about this kind of thing. so i feel better when i post about all this...kinda takes it off my chest...a little.

but anyways...Jennifer went to movie night last night and she said it would be over at 11 and she would call me. but i never heard from her until like 6 the next morning. so it was obvious that i was really worried. when i talk to her this morning i asked her where she was and she said her a friend and two guys stayed up all night and talked. ii admit i do worry about things like this....i get really stupid. EX: somthing in the back of my mind suspected Jennifer and her friend doing more than talking with these guys. (my worst nightmare) but then i told myself..."thats not fair to suspect that". so when i asked what they were talking about...Jennifer got upset and broke up with me again...so whats going through my head now is either Jennifer really does want to "see other people" and experience that whole side of college. OR I was really stupid for worrying(sp) about her last night and it was wrong of me to ask all those questions...

i think about it now and i prolly would have asked the same questions again but i think i would have went about it a different, less suspicious manner. So , for what its worth Jennifer. Im sorry. i was just worried. But if you do want to see other people or whatever just tell me (i know and hope you probably dont). i feel horrible for putting Jennifer through all this bullshit. She says that she is confused...i understand but i am trying to tell her that we can be together and make this all better. i love her with every inch of my heart and soul...and i will wait for her if she really needs time to herself or if she needs to be with other people. I was under the impression that i was helping her and being very supportive to her previous to all this. well...once again i have probably said somethings that will upset Jennifer, and Baby. i apologize. im not trying to make this any harder than it really is for us...but like i said , i do support you. i also love you very much and think that you are very smart. You will do fine in college because you are focused on what is important, school. im going to get back to graphics now...

i love you so goddamned much Jennifer...and i know you can feel it.

(also im sorry again to all of those whos friends page i am taking up, but i forgot how to lj cut...)

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10:22am 21/10/2003
mood: crushed
ok, well the past few days have been hard. I have to come to grips with this so i guess i'll post about it.

this past Sunday (i think it was) Jennifer broke up with me. Now we still talk and are still BEST FRIENDS, just no boyfriend-girlfriend stuff. She does need space and room to focus on school b/c that is really important to both of us, and i support her fully. This is just really hard to come from nearly 18 months of close emotional love, to ending phone calls with simply "bye". I told Jennifer that i love her more than anything and i would do anything for her so, i am going to wait for her. We have plans and with all my hope they will still happen. I have been choosing to live in a fantasy world (telling myself that this is just a dream and she will come back to me any second) but the truth is...reality. reality is Jennifer isnt coming back, reality is that Jennifer obviously needs this to be happy, and reality is that i want her to be happy no matter what.
I told Jennifer that my only fear is her finding some other "much cooler, much smarter, all-in-all better" college guy and the next thing i know, i have lost Jennifer forever. I also told her that this is very possible b/c im quite a ways away from her and she could easily keep it a secret. She told me that she could never lie to me and that would hurt her as well.

i couldnt help thinking that, Jennifer has never lied to me. I have lied to her and messed alot of things up that probably lead this break-up. but she has never lied to me and thus (if the event occured) she could keep it a secret and have even more chance of me not finding out. I know that i am a pessismist , especially in situations like this. I know that she would never hurt me like that but i cant get that thought out of the very back of my head.

its like ill be ok all day long until i have a moment to myself...theni think about her...and thats it i lose it, the rest of my day is soured. Its just too hard for me to go through, again. I love her unconditionally and to no end. I will wait for her and try to "get over" this to the best of my ability.

i look in every direction in my room and not one single object does not remind me of her. either she bought it for me, we got it on one of our adventures, or it is hers...i mean damn...am i really supposed to just forget...put it all away...17 months and just set it aside?...well if it is for a better cause..Jennifer's well doing in school, and maybe, i HOPE, that Jennifer will start to miss me and come back to me. B/c our love was different. it was fucking great.

im going to stop this post now, bc im sure Jennifer will see it and it already will upset her alot and i dont want her to get upset, she will prolly think that im just posting to upset her or make her feel bad so she will come back...but nope. im all for her and her decision.

sorry this was so long (i forgot how to lj cut)
-i love and care about you more than you know Jennifer...bunchies*-

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a new beginning....   
07:59pm 07/09/2003
mood: complacent
well, i have good reason to belive that the tyranny of my *stepfather* is now over.

for the past couple of years my mother and him have been through hell...fighting all the time and always in sour-ass moods, a few times me, my mother and my sister have almost moved out but things worked out. this time it wasnt so easy. all i really know and feel like explaining on here is that my stepbrother and my sister bagan fighting and my mom decided the way he was yelling at her and my mom wasnt tolerable anymore. so we went to my grandmothers and are staying here for the night...hopefull we will find a house and i'll have my own room and i can bring me and Jenni's babies (the rats) and everything wil be aliright.

now this story goes WAY, WAY back and a lot futher in detail but thats way too much for me to type on here. just put it like this...things were crappy and now they might be turning around...

yay for me.

me and Jennifer are doing Great. we are still very much in love and we are still gonna get married and all that good stuff was talking about so long ago. its so great having a girlfriend that has same musical intrests as well as pretty much everything else. we think so much alike. she is the best. *And just to add to all of that she damn beautiful. not just ok. or ah...she looks nice. she is fucking gorgeous. her body is very nice :) i wont go into detail...(thats for me) and her face is so soft and pretty. everything about her is perfect...dont get me wrong, i know that we both have our dark times but ours NEVER last long. NEVER. we love each other so much and we both believe that life is too short to take advantage and argue over trivial things...another perk of our great relationship.

well. im going to listen to our new Mudhoney cd...yay!

::i love you Jennifer::

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05:45am 22/08/2003
mood: anxious
so...me and Jennifer are doing great. shes been moved into college now for about...a few days. but yea we miss each other a fuckin lot. she is coming down today and we're going out to eat. she is also staying with me tonight (yay).

**Happy Birthday Layne Staley: your memory stays with us always**

sorry...i just had to throw that in there beings that today is Layne's birthday and all...its also my sister's birthday...wierd O_o

God why cant school just hurry the hell up...im ready to see that oh-so-beautiful face of my Jennifer. i havnt seen her in about 5 ot 6 days now and its killing me...

well...i guess ill be leaving now....this is it for my once every 5,000 months update.....

i love you Jennifer....

(well what have you got?)